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Pop-Ai offers:
Pop-Ai offers:

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You ask, what exactly is that we do·..

..and we will answer that we created Pop-Ai, for you to sit back, relax and do...NOTHING!!!
Your personal Ro-Bot is here, to make your life easier by helping you skip all those years of hard work and training to become a successful and profitable Trader!

So, you gonna wonder, what exactly is Pop-Ai...
Pop-Ai is an advanced technological product that analyses the global Forex market and trades in it for you, without....you!!!

Now your next question may be,... "ok so what is Forex"?
Forex is the global Foreign Exchange currency market in which you can trade any exchange market rate!

Your Fp-Markets account

In a few words Pop-Ai offers you:

Come on now, let us hear your last question...What does Pop-Ai mean???
Power of Pips.!

And Ai???
We forgot the most important component!
Artificial Intelligence!!!
Artificial Intelligence is integrated with the most ingenious way within our Algorithm, letting us proudly state, we are but the only ones that made such a great innovation a reality!


Registration steps:

Step 1:

Create your free account on our partner broker FP-Markets with all the advantages that we offer.

Step 2:

Upload your personal info documents to be approved by the broker as instructed on the Tutorial video.

Step 3:

Contact us via our e-mail, to send us a screenshot proof that you activated & funded your account successfully (min 500€) and your full name, so we can send you the bot activation link.

Step 4:

By this step you will already have been given the link to activate our bot. Follow the steps found here to activate it correctly.

Free Account Registration TUTORIAL.

The first step of your journey with us is here.
All you have to do is watch the video that can help you with all the steps needed.
Follow the instructions in it (should be pretty easy), and register your account with our Partner Broker.

The information needed by the broker is pretty standard for those familiar with online registrations.
Some of the info you'll be asked to fill in are:
    Your e-mail and full name.
    Your country of residence and phone number (unfortunately we can't serve US citizens).
    Your date of birth and home address.
    Your employment status (completely demographic information).
    Your account details (currency, leverage, password).
    Your experience in trading (if any).
    Your proof of identity and address documents.

Now let's go, hit this button to sign up!

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The ones who run this company!


Evan Blatzos

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder

“Absorb Knowledge - Evolve“.


Thanasis Fakitsas

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) & Co-Founder

“We all belong to human industry, so let’s do people life’s better.“


Theodosios Gkamas, Ph.D.

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) & Co-Founder

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives. AI is shaping the future of technology and revolutionizing industries.“


Alexandros Temelkou

Janitor & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Co-Founder

“Let me show you the power of daily collecting a drop of a $5 trillion sea.“

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Final Step:

Follow the 7 easy steps, as shown in the pictures bellow, to activate your Pop-Ai BOT.
Now you can sit back, relax and let the magic happen!

Flow chart of the activation steps.
Step 1: Enter your MT5 account server, number and password.
Step 2: Like this.
Step 3: Click OK on the Attention prompt.
Step 4: Click the green Actions button.
Step 5: Click ACTIVATE.
Step 6: Click ACTIVATE again.
Step 7: You are ready to go!


Send us a message when you are ready:

Ioannou Chrysostomou 6, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Phone: +30 6975069161
Email: info@pop-ai.gr